If you were a smoothie, what would it be called?

The Caley Berry. I’m a berry enthusiast. It would have ginger and berries in it.

Describe acai

To my knowledge it’s high in antioxidants. I know it’s from somewhere foreign—I’m going to guess Brazil. In the amazon. To me, it’s a delicious, red thing that I eat and it makes me feel good.



If you could share a smoothie with one person, dead or alive, (think two straws, one cup), who would it be?

Dylan Rieder. He’d be a great smoothie companion. We’d talk about our hair. I think my boyfriend is going to be really mad that I said Dylan Rieder.

Where are you travelling to this year?

I started the year in Japan. I’m going to El Salvador in the spring. I’m going to France and Spain in the fall. I usually stay home in British Columbia in the winter. But who knows—I kind of plan a month ahead.



Best swell for the cheapest flight [from Vancouver]?

Toss up between Mexico and Hawaii. I’m more of a Mexico type of girl.

How did you get your muscles?

I live on the third floor and I travel every other day with a lot of stuff. So if you were to film me going up and down the stairs with my surfboard, snowboard and a mattress—you’d see.



One thing you want everyone to know about you?

I’ve done it on my own. I’m 100% self-funded and motivated. I have help from my friends, but I’m an independent woman.

Best decision of your life?

One day I decided to be a yes person. I think a lot while I’m dreaming. I woke up and decided to just say yes to adventures and work and spontaneous trips. That has changed my life. Just being open to experience and unlimited acai bowls.




Worst decision of your life?

I’ve hurt myself a lot—so I think back to those days. Doing something one more time when I was tired and not listening to my intuition. But everything you do, even if it’s the worst decision, usually shapes you in some way. I wouldn’t be where I am without those bad decisions.

If you could give a shout to one person in your life and have it appear on the social accounts of one moderately popular food truck, who would it be and why?

My Mom—Lois Porter. She was always into food trends before I knew what they were. We were onto mediterranean cooking and soy milk before they were a thing. She reads a lot, that’s probably where I get that side of myself from.



Who would you switch lives with for a day and why (you can’t say Bryan Pudney).

I’m bouncing between The President and Rihanna. But you’re not going to change the world in a day as the president—let’s be real. I’m going to go with Rihanna. I think it would be wild to experience fame at that capacity. I imagine she’d be surrounded by some of the most creative people in the world.

What’s your #1 wellness tip?

Hangout with people that like to do stuff. Your friends are your #1 influence on your lifestyle—if you hangout with people who want to go on hikes and bike rides and snowboarding, that’s how you’ll spend your time. So take a look at your close network and see who is bringing you down and assess who you need in your life.



What’s your favourite hangover cure?

I get 10 different elixirs. Coffee. A smoothie or acai bowl. And then kombucha and a coconut water. And a normal water. And a ginger shot. Then I’ll go out for a normal breakfast: bread, potato, eggs.