If you were a smoothie, what would it be called?

Maui Wowie.

Describe acai

It's like a party in my mouth and all my tropical vacations are invited.



What's your favourite meal of the day?

Breakfast, my morning smoothie or bowl for sure.

Weirdest place you've slept?

Bathroom floor.



If you could share a smoothie with one person, dead or alive, (think two straws, one cup), who would it be?

My children they would they can have both straws :)

What actor would play you if they made a movie about your life?

Keira Knightly



Where are you travelling to this year?

Mexico, Norway, Hawaii, Nicaruga... for now. I'm a last minute book and go kind of girl. ALWAYS GO!!

Best swell for the cheapest flight [from Vancouver]?





One thing you want no one to know about you?

I'm a twin?

Best decision of your life?

My children.



Worst decision of your life?

No bad decisions, no regrets, only chances to learn and grow.

If you could give a shout to one person in your life and have it appear on the social accounts of one moderately popular food truck, who would it be and why?

Ahhhh I would have to say my mom and dad! 50/50. They gave me balance in my life. My mom is practical and wise/my dad is fun and adventurous.



Who would you switch lives with for a day and why (you can’t say Bryan Pudney).

My daughter. I love her care free energy and compassion for life and all things living. I learn so much from watching my children. They are my inspiration for my photography and travels!

What’s your #1 wellness tip?

Life is all about balance! Don't sweat the small stuff.

What’s your favourite hangover cure?

Ginger ale and soda crackers. I am such a wimp when it comes to hangovers... hence the bathroom floor from question #4